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Industry Prep Training  

Conditioning, Physical Training, Dance Basics and Drills


Training and drilling different type of dance basics to be able execute your dance on any stage, on any setting and "stay ready for anything"  


Do what you would in the gym but at the dance studio. Work out your muscles and part of body in right proportion to level up your wicknesses and add on to your straights. 

Dance Foundations

Learn the basics, history and essentials or different dance styles, in order to carry right knowledge and have proper awareness of what your body should do.



Only 25$

Pro training is DANCE PROGRAM with Stage Performance Opportunities

Hey There, I am TINAKO and i have created this program for us.


Do you feel like everyone talks about communities, opportunities for each other, but in the same time you are always by yourself, looking for the knowledge, support and like minded people who believe is curtain things and try to actually make it happen?  

Or you coming from another country or from another state and you just really want to have circle of people with whom you can train, grow and just talk.

That's what this program is about, to make you strong physically, mentally and give you knowledge of different dance styles, and choreography skills.

Also give you sense of home, because we will become family.


Also performance and teaching opportunities for you to make dance your profession.

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About the creator

My name is TINAKO

This program was created out of strong urge to share knowledge, history and culture of dance with others in order to keep passing all the right knowledge to next generation of dancers and creatives. 

Also on human side, strong urge to be helping others on theirs journey like we wish someone had helped us.  

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