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Simply BEST Comprehensive Dance Curriculum Program in LA

This is not just dance class, this not just about moves, this whole mindset, system, curriculum for you to be ready for camera work, stage work, any professional work in industry.

For Ages 7 and up


Our Story

The KO approach began its journey in 2014 when Founder Tinako embarked on teaching her first dance classes. However, it wasn't long before she noticed a significant gap in dance education within traditional dance studios. Within a few years, Tinako transitioned her teaching to Dance University and specialized dance programs aimed at grooming future K-pop celebrities. This shift allowed Tinako to offer a comprehensive education and cultivate successful dance teams, talented dancers, skilled teachers, innovative choreographers, and emerging celebrities.

In 2020, Tinako made the decision to expand her reach by sharing her knowledge more widely with the public. This took the form of online education, private classes, and the establishment of dance teams. Through these initiatives, the KO approach evolved into what it is today, offering a holistic approach to dance education that empowers aspiring dancers and nurtures their potential for success.




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