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Hello dance creatives ALL LEVELS. We are looking for dancers preferably age 16 and up, who are considering or interested in professional training, and future performances on professional gigs in the future. 


Me and my dance program team recruiting dancers with any experience, any gender, any look, but willingness for hard work and passion to be the best, and loving dance unconditionally. We will pair  and divide everyone by levels, styles to compete in upcoming regional, national, and world competitions in Hip Hop (Hip Hop choreography/Stage choreography) and Street Dance Styles mostly (we also do K-pop choreographies). Also of course chosen applicants will be give opportunities to work on professional sets in USA and abroad. 

If you are beginner level we still welcome you, but  you would require to train with us for a year or so, prior entering any competition, event, stage or video set. (And we welcome you too, to help you to pave your way into the industry).

We will form teams/groups of people who are great fit together, and these teams would need to train on regular weekly basis and go on stage together. 

We offer very cheap enrollment with a lot of hours of training within payment, because are mission is: "To create as much opportunities as we can for everyone". (approximately 30$ - 100$/month with 24 to 48 hours of training per week)


We embrace individuality and personal choices, and we want see everyone shine in own light. Even as a part of the team ​we encourage you to do your own projects and we here to support you in that.

We need:

1. Your resume (treat it as simple sheet of paper where you introduce yourself, tell more about your experiences: I took karate for 1 year, I took jazz for 6 month, I am good at connecting with people etc., just let us know anything you have in your bucket list, but try to do it in chronological order, you also can say I am funny, I don’t know if I can work in a team, I never worked before etc., don’t treat It as regular job resume, but more like a story about yourself).

2. Attach your social media if we can see you in there if you not posting too much don’t worry about it. 

3. Any photo of yourself.

4. Area where you live.

5. Your Age.

6. How you usually commute around the city? vehicle? bus? etc.

7. Send it to:

Applications are open for month of MARCH 2024

More details we will let you know after we receive your info.
Thank you 
Team KO approach 


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