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Bachelor - All episodes 

Produce 101  Opening Ceremony

Street Dance Of China 

Annual National​ New Year’s Countdown 

Youth With You - TV Show Competition

Good Boy Of China - TV show 

Step UP 6 

LIVE / STAGE Performance

Voice Of China Finalle

​Zhengjiang TV Annual New Year’s Gala Concert 

Wangzulan China Tour 

Hennessy Asia Tour 

​Kelwin Kwan “Breakout” Concert Tour

Parris Hilton Dj Tour 

Alan Tam Hong Kong Concert

Commercials/ Music Videos

Nissan Four Seasons / Dancers Choreography

​Alan Tam - Jian Ning Music Video 

​Gongzhu Real Estate Commercial / Models Movement Direction

​J’Vante Nelson - Frieza Music Video 

Yoshion Winter collection / Models and Dancers Movement Choreography

Guozhen Sky - Guangshu Music Video

​Taobao “Dovewhell” Brand / Model and Dancers Movement Choreograph

​NUFU2R - Yeah ! Music Video


Portfolio page of choreographer Tinako

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